Floor Remodeler Overview on Costs

Our commercial remodeling experts have put together the approximate floor remodelingcharges of a standard floor remodeling job can be seen below. However, higher estimates will be needed for large metropolitan areas and lower estimates where house prices are below par. Adjust accordingly charges for substitutions or refinements. For size differences up to 25%, scale the total charges in proportion to the size of your project.

Project Remodeling pre-existing floors, choices can include vinyl, wood, stone, tile, carpet, paint and cork. Floor preparation will ensure a solid and noise-free sub base.
Size 300 sq feet
Material and labor costs $3,050 – $3,560
Material $1,675 – $1,955
DIY assessment A standard floor remodeling job will involve jobs which are often best left to the professionals. Good quality remodeling does call for a great deal of experience, skill and good attention to detail. DIY mistakes will be glaringly visible, and some are almost impossible to remedy and could even reduce the resale value of your home.
First-year Return on Investment Returns can vary and will be affected by the house prices in your area, the condition of your house and design choices. A good quality floor remodeling project in a good neighborhood can yield almost 77% to 91% of its total cost.
First-year Return on Investment – Returns are impacted by the house prices in your neighborhood, the condition of your home, a good quality floor can return almost 67% to 78% of its total cost
Green Floor remodeling often use renewable resources, in addition to environmentally friendly materials. It is sometimes the case pre-existing materials can be reused in a floor remodeling job.



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